Monday, June 27, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is what happens when you google "first birthday cake".

What began as a "hm, I guess we should have a couple of people over to help sing "Happy Birthday" became a Very Hungry Caterpillar party for our favorite 12 month old.  The girls were so excited to celebrate a could I deny them?  We had caterpillar foods.  Glam Girl was very confused as to why the cake caterpillar really wasn't eating the food in bowls around him.  We had caterpillars in cocoons (aka pigs in a blanket).  We had a few people over, a few party hats, a few crumbs on the floor and so much fun.  There were even shirts involved:
I don't suppose I ever thought I'd be celebrating a first birthday for anyone.  So thankful that someone so little arrived and gave us good reason to be festive.

Happy First Birthday, Tiny Man!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I wish I had thought to do these pictures with every kid in the house, but here we are, a sampling of toes that have walked in and out of the house over the years:
Summer 2009
Spring 2010
Summer 2010
February 2011
March 2011
April 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It was bound to happen sometime...

Three years of newly potty trained little girls have heard me say over and over and over again:  Whoa! That's a lot of toilet paper.  You have a little bottom.  You need a LITTLE piece of paper.

Glamour Girl has heard this about every day since her arrival.  She's a wad-it-all-in-a-ball-till-you-can't-see-your-hand kind of girl.

"Uh-oh," she heard me say the other day.  "Remember, you have a little bottom. You only need a little piece."

"Only you?" she asked.

"Only me, what?"

"Only you have a big bottom in our house?"

Yeah, I guess so....It's all relative, right?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I Did This Week

There's a quilting blog that I like to follow called crazymomquilts. This woman posts, at least weekly, some quilt she has finished.  I love looking at these.  But I have to admit I am mystified by this one from last week called What I Did This Week. I'm curious.  I mean, I assume since her blog is called crazy MOM quilts, that she is, in fact, a mom. But are her kids in their 30s?  Because who out there has time to finish an entire quilt (a lovely one, I might add) in a week?  Here's what I did in 2 months, and that was with just 2 of the kids back when they were in bed by 7:29 p.m. at the latest every night.

Much as I'd love to, I haven't touched a quilt scrap since March 4.  What I did this week looks entirely different than a fancy quilt that this woman will have forever.  What I did this week involves some kids that will one day be memories and digital photos on the computer, but who right now are the center of my life. 

What I did this week: Played in the sprinkler. Wiped some noses.  And some bottoms.  Discussed the difference between the words Pajama and Vagina. Dressed baby dolls. And babies.  Colored a dora picture.  Drew an owl.  Went to the playground.  Went to the wading pool. Got suckered into a Mommy Date with Glamour Girl at Magnolia.  Saw Tiny Guy walk for the first time.  And fall lots of times since.  Painted toes.  Worked.  Read a page or two of the newspaper.  And of a (grown-up) book.  Blew bubbles.  Cleaned up spilled milk.  And cheerios.  And applesauce.  Laundry.  More laundry.  Picked tomatoes with three girls.  Took four kids to Target.

How's that, Crazy Mom Quilts?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Drought? What Drought?

I actually have 10 minutes to sit down and upload pictures.  This is what the big girls wore to school today.  The high is expected to be 98 degrees.  No rain in sight.

Generation Gap

I have a super cool, most awesome and very comfortable t-shirt from my sister that I wear around the house.  Big Sister wonders:  Why you have Justin Bieber on your shirt?

Chuck E.

Sadly, one of the kids in the house knows who Chucky is.  I mean the red haired freaky baby in the movies.  Another of us only knows Chuck E., the mouse on the building we drive by daily.  This conversation took place at the stoplight the other day.
Kid 1: I see Chuck E. Cheese!
#2: That's not Chucky.  Chucky has red hair.
Me: I think she means Chuck E. Cheese.  You know, the mouse with the tail?
Kid 1: No, him not have a tail.
Me: Really? Don't all mice have tails?
Kid 1 (in the geez you are stupid tone): I don't know, Mom.  We need to take a look at him bottom and find out.


Anyone who knows how creepy I think baby dolls are would not be surprised to hear that this startled me a bit. Damn those blinking eyes!