Monday, May 26, 2014

Chickadee to a T

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

Speed and Sunshine think they are the naughtiest children in town. On Saturdays and some Sundays, we get to "sleep in" (read: sleep past 5:30 a.m.). Because of some supervision rules/issues, they stay in their room until I am out of mine. I have encouraged them to get up, look at books, play with animals, do whatever as long as it's in their room.

For months, they've not moved even with my encouragement. They are strict rule followers and can't seem to get that it's ok to get out of bed. So despite animals on their beds and books stacked beside, they lay still and don't talk.

Yesterday, I walked in on them both on the floor, hiding and giggling under blankets with books and flashlights.

It's about time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Photo Dump

This time from the cell phone:

Speed and Sunshine crushing wheat at a biblical village at a nearby church

 Why I love the field next to our house so much

Speed and Chickadee dancing at Central Market

Kids taking their babies for a walk

Chickadee carrying Speed's backpack into his school

Chickadee's first ride on the big kid swing

Because someone sneaked this toy into the car AND because I am wrapped around her little finger:


Stolen from some random Facebook comment from a page of a blog I follow  (wish I knew the original source because that person deserves recognition):

"Every child deserves to have someone love them to the point of devastation when they leave."


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunshine: Center of the Universe

This girl is going to be so humble something else when she is a preteen.

As I have mentioned, Sunshine's name is very unusual for a name but it comes up a lot in other places. It is currently in BIG HUGE LETTERS on a bulletin board at school.


She thinks it's for her and now walks three inches taller than she did yesterday.

My Detail Oriented Boy

I have often said that if I moved all the furniture over 1 inch in the middle of the night, Speed would notice before he hit the bottom of the stairs.

The boy notices EVERYTHING. Each morning, he walks downstairs, scans the room, and invariably finds something that I did after bedtime.

"I not know why you put that there."
"I not know why my snack not on counter."

Yesterday, he saw that his teacher had left her thermos on the top of her car from TWO ROWS AWAY.

Today, a man was fixing our roof. Speed rides past the main street by our house--a field away--in a bus on his way from school to daycare at 45 mph at about 10:50am. I stood out on that sidewalk today and noted that one can see approximately 5 feet of the roof where the man was standing.

At dinner tonight: "Soon I go (daycare), I see man on our roof. I don't know why a man on our roof."

Mr. Eagle Eyes.

Sign of the (Two Year Old) Times

I can only assume there's a biter in Chickadee's daycare class.

When the vacuum is turned on: "Don't bite me!"
When we pass a lawn mower: "Don't bite me!"
When we hear any loud noise: "Don't bite me!"
Cat? (who has never bitten)
Hair dryer?
Anything that makes noise?

"Don't BITE ME!!!"

Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Chickadee Phrases

"I fly away!" = I need my wings on!
"Look, Mommy! Tree Tunnel!!" = exactly that. There is a point in the road where trees from either side meet and it does, in fact, look like a tunnel.
"I so big!" = said multiple times since I've turned her forward facing in the car
"Hug you." = Give me a hug.
"Hug you big." = Give me a big hug.
"Wuv oo oo" = Love you too.
"Where Water Go? Dowwwwwn drain!" = every night after bath
"Where poopoo go? Dowwwn potty!" = self explanatory
"I Stubby." = I pet Stubby.

Chickadee is TWO


Chickadee loves CATS. For her birthday, she had a cat cake, cat napkins, cat plates and pretended to be a cat. When she meows, she says: Mow! (rhymes with cow) instead of MEEEE-ow! She often tries to eat out of Stubby's bowl and recently had canned cat food on her cheek. She is my two-year-old cat princess. I'd say she was a girl after my own heart, but she already has it.

Happy Second Birthday, Chickadee!!