Sunday, June 29, 2014


Just because she arrived in June, though maybe a bit because she has a round little tummy...

Our "new little friend" is settling in so nicely. She still has a four-year-old boy falling at her feet most days and gets some good loving from Sunshine. Chickadee is pretty impartial as all she really cares about is that I can hold two babies at once.

When Junebug arrived, I thought she was the fattest baby in town (and there have been some fat ones here!). Turns out, she's only in the 25%ile for weight, but compared to Chickadee's not-on-the-charts-till-just-last-month percentile, I guess my perspective is skewed. She has fine blonde hair that I've had to learn how to do and I had forgotten that her hair needed washed more than once every two weeks.

Junebug is by far, BY FAR, the easiest addition that has ever arrived. She spent about three days being shell shocked and now it seems as though she's been here a good long while. She has four little teeth, a scrunchy nose smile, and a funny little laugh.

I struggled a lot with the decision to take another kiddo with the Three Amigos. I think we are all glad we got her and will love on her, all four of us, till it's time for her to move on.


For about the past two weeks, once every day or two, Speed stops dead in his tracks, turns to me and says:

I'm so so HAPPY!

As though he is surprised. As though he has been looking for happiness his entire life and has just now found it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Amazing Thing About Hoarding Children's Clothing

..and other necessities for kids:

This is the first time in 29 kids that I have not had to run to Target or HEB to get something I needed for a kid. It was allllll right there in the garage. From clothing to car seat to booster chair to diapers. Not. One. Purchase. Made. (medicine and dietary needs aside)

Well, actually we did buy a little wagon off of Craigslist. Because heaven knows, we can't alter our nightly routine of walking to the mailbox and Chickadee doesn't think the stroller is special enough to keep her in Queen status while making the trek. Two bikes and two babies in a wagon from here on out.

In Walks Number Four

The kids woke up to "a new friend" on Saturday morning.  They were actually awake for the initial phone call so were able to "approve" the placement of a 19 month old that night. They, lucky them, got to sleep through the numerous phone calls after that to figure out when she was coming, what she would need (medically) immediately upon arrival, etc. etc. etc.

Here they are peeking in on our newest family member:

So far, all is going well. Speed LOVES this child. He follows her, dotes on her, tries to put her shoes on and would likely change her diaper if I let him. Sunshine goes back and forth between being interested and engaging with her or playing like she usually does. I think her favorite thing so far is getting to ride in the third row of the car. Chickadee's world has not yet been rocked quite as much as it could be. She's still being held plenty, loved on as always, and ruling the roost in a way I hate to admit she does.

A couple things amaze me with the kids' reaction to this placement. First, they've been here for almost 14 months and have never woken up to a new kid in the house. They acted like it was no big deal. Second, they have so much compassion toward her, more than I feel I have ever modeled. And given the first part of their lives, I am just not sure where that all comes from.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving On

Chickadee has gotten over the "don't bite me" phase.

She's moved on.


"Don't eat it! That GROSS!"

Example one: "Go put your diaper in the trash please."
"Don't eat it! That GROSS!"

Example two:
"Can you please bring me Stubby's plate?"
"Don't eat it! That GROSS!!"

Hoping she follows her own advice.

Male Role Model Found

Text to sitter:
"Speed now wearing all shirts tucked waaaaaay into his jeans. Definitely can't see his underwear. Thanks, Dad."

2107.5 Miles

...over 10 days.

The kids did AMAZING in the car. Way better than I could ever have imagined.

My dad asked me what they did in the car for that long, knowing we don't have a DVD player to pass time.

Here's a short list:
Baby wipies
Pipe cleaners
Color Wonder (God I love Color Wonder)
Stress balls
Baby dolls
ABC learning computers
"Let It Go" (which I can now sing in pig latin and in "chicken")

I'm sure the back seat looked a bit Lord of the Flies-ish  from time to time, but we made it to Colorado and back. Tons of fun!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Road Tripping with the Three Amigos

Part One:

This nonsense is written on my packing list:

day diapers
swim diapers
nite diapers
nite diapers
pull ups for car
nite easy ups
pull ups for car

This is exactly why we are driving....

Male Role Models Wanted

Text from sitter:
"On a walk and I ask Speed to pull up his pants. He says, "Why? I want to be like a football guy." I told him no one wants to see his underwear."

Monday, June 2, 2014

Imagination Required

Chickadee, Sunshine and I were running down the hill at the elementary school after dropping off Speed this morning. Chickadee stopped half way down the hill, sat in the wet grass in front of a seeded dandelion, sang Happy Birthday to Chickadee all the way through, blew out the "candle", clapped, picked the "candle" and then ran to the car with it.