Tuesday, December 2, 2008


How lucky am I, in this week of having an empty house, to be able to connect with FIVE of my kiddos in one week!

There are few things that would get me into Chuck E. Cheese, particularly on a day where I have no children. Blonde brothers one, two and three, though, are a perfect reason to go. Saturday was the birthday of one of the sisters. Current foster mom, old foster mom, and biological mom sat at the same table, watching the five kids (plus a few others) run around spending their tokens. How great it is to hear that the brothers will be slowly moving home, one child at a time, over the next three months. How great it was to see their mom using her new parenting techniques. And greater still to see how the kids responded. A wonderful day in Chuck E's land.

My computer savvy Sass too has been in touch. She emailed me that "everything is fine but my room is a big mess." Why does this not surprise me?

What did surprise me was the phone ringing tonight. I answered it to hear: "Tammy, someone wants to talk to you." Whose voice is on the phone but my wonderful Little Bit. Bit is apparently having a hard time adjusting so her relative thought it'd be good for her to keep the connection with me for a while. So I got to hear that the cat's name is still Tessa, that current placement "gof about playing the chimichanga song," and that snow hasn't yet come to Lubbock.

Tonight, I will go to sleep not wondering about my kiddos. A great day! A week to celebrate these small friends who have been, and seem to continue to be, in my life!