Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Sunshine!

Sunshine said good-bye to preschoolhood today and is dragging her celebrating out for as long as possible. Her biggest birthday concern was that she should get a watch (she did). Sunshine had only a few opinions about her birthday, including:

Cake for party had to be a bundt cake with chocolate frosting
Cupcakes for school have to be chocolate cake with white icing and sprinkles
SOMETHING but not everything had to have Elsa
And she was specific about the guest list but it was the same guest list we tend to have for any event.

It was a lovely birthday weekend with the zoo, friends, cake, pizza, breakfast out today and presents spread throughout the entire week.

Things to love and remember about Sunshine as a four year old:
1. She has become quite good at writing and copying words. I receive at least 3 small slips of paper with MOMMY written on them a week.
2. Her love for animals has never changed. But Stubby's willingness to accept that love has, so now he sleeps on her bed during the day, sits by her at story time, and gives her wet nose kisses when she wants them.
3. Sunshine still has a teeny, tiny voice that no one can hear. Except when she is in the playroom or outside our house when all she does is YELL AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. I hear myself saying: "Sunshine, quiet your voice" even though I know so much of the time, I am telling her that "we can't hear all that you have to say when you use a tiny voice."
4. Sunshine has strong opinions about outfits. Specifically that nothing goes on her legs unless it's leggings and that ANY colors and patterns go together.
5. Sunshine is a lover of school, babies, baby dolls, her siblings, her mama, her cat, the swing, art, crafts, scissors, tape, and dancing.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! Looking forward to another year with you!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weirdest Thing Ever

According to Sunshine:

Speed's friend, Ethan, happens to be the school librarian's son. We ran into them yesterday when we were leaving afterschool care.

As we drove away, Sunshine said: Well that's funny.

Me: What is?

Her: A kid living with a librarian.

Me: Why is that funny?

Her: Well, Mommy, it's not very often you see a kid who lives in the same house as a librarian.

Me: But she is Ethan's mom.

Her: I know, but it's just unusual.

Because the make-up of our family isn't?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chickadee's Train of Thought for the Day

"Mommy, who is your husband?"
"You don't have a wedding?"
"Will you tell me when you gonna have a husband and a wedding?"

Sure, but that won't be necessary because (stated about three hours after the above)...

"Mommy, when I grow up, you can be my husband and I will be the mommy. We can take our baby for a ride in our shiny blue car, ok?"