Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Quiet Girls

It's a little hard to blog about two girls who don't speak much. Hard to describe little bottom wiggles to chipmunk songs or funny little runs where the right foot kicks out to the side. The two girls are sweet though. Sister has welcomed our new little one with nothing but love. How they communicate so well in silence is a mystery. Today, during 20 minutes of water play with only a plastic cup each, they each only said one word: More!! Until it was clean up time, when I got "ah maaaa!" from Sister (Aw Man!) and a big "NO MOMMA" from our 2 year old newbie.

One of his stranger habits...

Curly is a very serious dude. He reminds me regularly that he does not like to be called things like Buddy, Sweetie, Silly, Turkeyhead or Goofy because, in fact, "That's not my name. My name is Curly." He is the polar opposite of Beignet and Bug who were reminded almost nightly to not be QUITE so silly at the dinner table. But he cracks me up all the same...he just isn't doing it on purpose.

Learning new words has become Curly's thing. He lets new words roll around on his tongue at different decibels, frequencies, and with different facial expressions. He likes me to define new words over and over and over. He's taken the word love to a new level though. Or a new place. The bathroom.

For whatever reason, Curly likes to yell out his new words while he pees. With the door open. So the house and all of its visitors can hear.

A sampling from this week:
Friday: Chickachicka Boom BOOM!
Saturday: Chimichanga. Ha. I like that word. CHIMICHANGA.
Sunday: God and the HOLY SPIRIT!
And today: QUESADILLA!!!

Keeping a running list of these words could be mildly entertaining....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Right and Wrong

Some things, over the past 2ish years, have felt very right. Others very wrong.

Two Gentlemen moving quickly on to relatives: right
Sass waiting in the paperwork shuffle to move to her aunt's: wrong
3rd brother leaving this foster home to join the other two blonds in another: right
Little Bit flying to a relative she didn't know w/ very little notice: wrong
Beignet finding forever, even though it was not here: very right

So when my caseworker called to ask if I would take a third...a kiddo who had been here on respite before...I had to really think on it.

But it felt very, very right.

A very crowded civic, full dinner table, extra bed in the green room later, Curly, Sister and I have added one more. Curly will point out that "Now it's even. We have three girls and three boys (the cats)."

Even or not, having our new little one here feels exactly the way it's supposed to feel.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Regarding Story Hour

We went to pajama story time for the first time the other night. Neither kiddo questioned the idea of wearing pj's to the library. Both had never been and seemed to enjoy it. Except when it came to choosing a movie. Curly had chosen a PG movie that I didn't want to watch.

"Sorry, you can't get that one. It's not G."
"Why can't I get this movie?"
"Because we watch G movies at our house."
"Awwwww Mannnnn! I don't WANT to be a G kid!!!"

oh, but for a while you will be.....

A few days later, we were singing one of the songs for story hour.
"Why did you take us to story hour anyway? Are you getting tired of reading to us?"

Nope, just enjoying you experience all this new stuff.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Note to Little Girl

Dear Little Girl,

Why I like having you here:
1. You have a really cute dance to the Leap Frog ABC thing on the fridge.
2. You wear your star shaped sunglasses or bunny ears no matter the hour, no matter the location.
3. You have so few words, and what you do say is almost impossible to understand, but we have these ones down: Day-Day (brother), Mimi (Tammy), and Doh!! (Dora).
4. You walk around with your forearm covering your eyes when I have to wake you up before you want to be up in the morning.
5. You chose a very boyish looking dog from Build A Bear this evening and dressed it in a purple sequined shirt. Very classy looking. You named him/her "Da!" which brother and I broadly interpreted as "Spot."

I am glad you are settling in and giving me fewer dirty looks and more smiles. Keep them coming.


A Note to Little Guy

Dear Little Guy,

Why I like you already:
1. You like M and M's almost as much as I do.
2. You yell "Rock on, Freaky Dude!" for no apparent reason while going down a slide or riding your bike.
3. You have not let a day go by without commenting on your curly hair.
4. You are a puzzle magnet.
5. You had a no good, horrible, very bad day yesterday but a great day today, which reminded me that kids are allowed to have no good, horrible, very bad days but that they are still good kids.

I know you don't want to be here. You tell me that many, many, many times a day. But know that you are safe here and enjoyed, and that we are both hoping for the same thing--the ending you want and that will serve you best.