Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bedtime Technique #479

Tonight's bedtime stalling:

Chickadee: Mommy, I need a hug. Come give me a hug!
[gets hug]
C: I peed in Thomas (pull-up). Please change me please.
Me: Sure.
C: Take your time....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

I was sizing up Chickadee this morning...all 27 pounds and 36 inches of her and something occurred to me.

She is roughly the same age as Big Sister was when Glamour Girl and Tiny arrived. Which means I had FOUR kids with the BIGGEST one being slightly older than Chickadee is now.

I have been gloating to a friend about how easy these guys are now....They are just at good ages where I can actually clean the kitchen after dinner while they play. Or occasionally pee alone. Or let Speed go ahead (at school to his class or at the museum to the next exhibit) and meet him there seconds or minutes later.

Damn, I must've been tired with the Fab Four. Good thing my memory has blocked that out!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

(Failed) Lessons in Kindness

Speed, while walking past a dog's droppings about 10 houses away from ours:
"You should pick that up."
I don't really want to pick up someone else's dog's poop, but thank you.
"Well, we could go home and get a bag and a shovel and scoop it with the shovel into the bag and then no one would step on it."
True, but I don't really want to pick it up.
"Well, it's being KIND and NICE."
Yes, it is. You are right. But I am still not picking up someone's dog's poop.

Some example I set.

Career Aspirations

Overheard in the playroom from Speed:

"I all done with college so now I can go work at McDonald's."

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Grateful today for the 29 children who have made me a mother and the moms in my life who have shown me the kind of parent I want to be.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two Years with My Three Amigos

Two years and one day ago, my placement agency called me.
"I have 3 kids...2 boys and a girl. (and gave more details)"
"Um, no thanks. School aged boys scare me and I'm not sure I want three kids."

The next night, my relentless placement agency called again.
"Ok, I know you said you didn't want three kids, but I want you to hear me out. I think this is a better fit for you and I want you to know what's out there."
"You 'want me to know what's out there', yeh, sure...... Ok, let's hear it."

And she proceeded to tell me all she knew. 3, 2, 1. Brief history. Idea of what their immediate needs would be. Probably short term.

And she was right. It was a better fit for me. The ages and needs were things that I was experienced with. Three packages filled with significant needs was a lot for one placement, but we both knew it could work.

"UGH!!! JESSICA!!! Why are you doing this to me when I said I didn't want three kids!!???"

I'm pretty sure she laughed.

A couple hours later, I carried a bucket car seat with a teeny baby into my house. Then went back out to the car and carried a teeny little 3 year old in while he peed on me. And last, I got my ray of Sunshine through the door.

Little did we know that that was the arrival of my future..the kids who would leave and then come back. The kids who would stay. My family.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Girl Parts

On the zoo train today while riding past a kangaroo:

Sunshine: Mommy, that's a girl kangaroo.
Me: How do you know?
Sunshine: She has girl eyes.

Chickadee is THREE!

My little baby is not really a little baby anymore. I'm not so sure she even qualifies as a toddler. When we were at the zoo today, people were oohing and aahing over kids smaller than her instead of telling me what an adorable baby I have.

Chickadee is growing up. She daily reminds me that she is "still Mommy's baby" but now she is a three-year-old Mommy's baby.

We did a two day split on celebrating her birthday. Yesterday was the real deal, but Speed didn't want to miss pre-k because of field day so we did low key things. Chickadee's meal of choice was hot dogs and macaroni. Her "field trip" of choice was the zoo.

Chickadee has a somewhat new (maybe 3 or 4 months) obsession with Thomas the Train, so her birthday party was Thomas. Thomas cake, plates, shirt. Thomas presents. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. I love that she is opinionated about what she likes and it's not Frozen like every other girl in her class. :)

Things to remember about Chickadee as a two-year-old:
7. Chickadee can consume almost an entire red pepper in one sitting. She turns down fruit and starchy snacks for red peppers. I'm sure she inherited this from me.

6. Chickadee wanted only one thing for her birthday: Thomas pull-ups. I assume she knew they existed from a friend at school because we've never had them here. I chose not to give them to her for her birthday, but did get them when she was out of pull-ups the other day. I have never seen such a response to a pack of diapers as I did that night. Screaming and clapping over Thomas. He's proving to be a good night time potty training help as well because "Thomas not like it I pee on him!"

5. Chickadee requires far less sleep than Speed and Sunshine. As a result, we spend about 2 extra hours together every day. A chunk of this is getting ready in the morning. While I get ready, Chickadee plays with her "dogs" in my room. These would actually be a cell phone charger and an iPad charger that she pulls around by their "leashes" and puts in different parts of my room...the "vet", the "dog park", the "dog house", and their beds.

4. Chickadee is a bookworm like no child I have ever seen before. I hope this goes on throughout her life. If I can't find her or she isn't responding to her name, there are two little corners I can look in. More than likely, she will be reading a book or twelve and ignoring the rest of us.

3. Chickadee's teacher and peers call her by a different name. It's a gross mispronunciation of her real name, modeled regularly by her teacher. We finally had a chat with her teacher the other day to see if we can move in a closer direction pronunciation-wise. Chickadee is sure to report to me daily if Miss Loretta called her the right name and that she is not (mispronounced name) or (Chickadee + old last name), but that she is (first + middle+ last name).

2. Chickadee is still a leech. It's uncommon for me to cook dinner alone, shower without her in the room, or even take out the trash without her on my hip. She still loves the carrier. She would like for me to retell and replay parts of our day or stories of people we know every minute if I could. Her recent "story replay" is that my grandfather gets oxygen to help him breath and that we went to "his house" to see his bed.

1.  Chickadee has been such an easy two-year-old. I am not sure if it's because she really IS easy, or just easy in contrast to her siblings, or if she's just a regular ol' pain in the butt two-year-old whom I happen to adore so even her tantrums are easy. This kid brings all of us so much joy. She is silly and funny and sweet and so clearly sees Speed, Sunshine, Stubby and me as her world. It's hard for any of us to be mad at her for more than a split second.

Happy Birthday to my little Chickadee. I love you.