Monday, February 23, 2009


Baby Beignet and I played sidewalk chalk yesterday with the neighbor's 4 year old granddaughter. She had come before to play with Sass, and Sass and I had been to her house. "Where's Sass?" she asked as she drew a "coyote" on the sidewalk. I explained that she didn't live here anymore, that now Baby Beignet lives with me, that my house is just a "for a while" house, not a "forever" house, that Sass went to her "forever" house and one day Baby B will go to hers.

Despite all of my (over)explaining, neighbor girl was unconvinced. "Sass will come back. She still has a bed here." No, Beignet sleeps here now. "But she doesn't LIVE here." Sure she does, she sleeps here every night.

Neighbor stopped drawing for a second and looked up at me. "Well then, what color is her toothbrush?"

I don't think that was a test question, really, but it certainly came out as one. Neighbor girl was slightly less puzzled once she got the tour of the house and saw all of Sass's stuff gone and Beignet's stuff here. She has joined the ranks of the children we like to confuse!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Top compliments of the week:
1. Thank you for letting me wear my footies to the library.
2. You don't make me cry when you do my hair. And I love my beads.
and the best one yet from Baby B, while swinging on the tree swing yesterday:
3. Tammy? I like living here now. I think it's OK to be here.

Three weeks and we are settling in....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jammie Time

Who knew that pajamas would be the highlight of our life here? Baby Beignet came with a couple of pair of pjs (that she has no idea where she got) and has acquired a couple more. Suddenly, choosing pajamas has become an event each night. They all get laid out on the floor and compared. So far, we have:
1. The Footies: "These make me look just like a little baby!" Footies are extra popular on the wooden floors.
2. The "I love Dora but these are too short" PJs: Beignet doesn't quite get the concept of capri pants yet.
3. The "Princess Nightgown": need I explain?
4. The "Balentine" nightgown. It has nothing to do with Valentine's really. It was BESIDE some valentine sleepers in the store.
And (drumroll please) the most popular:
5. "The Magic Pajamas": Magic because they glow in the dark.

What's In A Name?

Some kids' names come easy. Sass was a given her name after she opened her mouth the first time. Little Bit was just that. A little teeny bit of energy, spunk, and silliness. New Critter needed a name. Susan, one of the aunties to all of my kiddos, had the honors of naming this one, as we needed a name that reflected the New Orleans origins. So, Baby Beignet has emerged....a wonderful sweet treat from New Orleans.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beads Galore!

You Tube is an amazing thing. In less than 15 minutes, I was able to watch demonstrations on four different ways to bead my new friend's hair. The 47 braids she came in are all still beautiful. The ends, however, have seen better days. To extend the life of the braids, we decided beading the ends would be helpful. So, a couple episodes of the Backyardigans and about 250 beads later, a new hair do (and a new skill) has evolved. The little one likes to hop up and down the hallway to hear her beads click against each other. Then she likes to stand in front of the mirror to see all the colors. How she is sleeping with all that artwork on her head remains a mystery.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Curiosity Confuses the Child

The poor children at our elementary school. They just can't figure me out. These are the things I have heard in the past week:
1. But teacher, that looks just like Little Bit's mom.
2. I know who you are! You used to be Little Bit's mom but now you're the new girl's mom!
3. Why do you keep showing up here with different kids?
4. I keep seeing you! You were Blond Brother 2's mom, then you were HIS brother's mom, then you were that tall girl's mom, then you were that little girl's mom, and now your HER mom? How do you do that?
Curiosity aside, we have been welcomed back to the school. I like being a part of that community, no matter how curious a family we are.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Silence No More

The kidless spell has been broken. Two long months with no toys strewn across the living room, no trips to the library ending with forty books in the trunk, no bedtime stories, and no chicken nuggets. The house is back in action!

Critter #11 arrived on Friday. She was in the house less than three minutes when she had the first dress up outfit in her hands. It's been an ok adjustment. Unfortunately, little one has done this before. She knows the drill. She has unpacked her clothing, established which chair will be hers at mealtime, and has designated the spot for her baby doll to sleep at night (an opened dresser drawer). So what can one learn about a 4 1/2 year old in 2 days? Well......

1. Like my mother, she can make a song out of anything. There is a constant musical hum in the house.
2. Like the 3rd brother and the princess, she likes carrots and red peppers. But dipped in BBQ sauce rather than ranch.
3. Like the oldest brother, she could make a meal out of a bottle of ketchup.
4. Like the gentlemen, she LOVED the capital yesterday.
5. Like my last two girls, she is girly girl to the core. Her only request at Target was a dress. Let's not get started about the elaborate, beautiful braids adorned with appropriate hair baubles.
6. And like all the previous kiddos (and my mother, of course), I still have a lot to learn about her.