Thursday, September 30, 2010


We've finally picked up our pj story hour habit again after taking the summer off. What this means is that children actually see DARK. Little Guy is fascinated by the dome light in the car and the security light in the carport. Night Owl frequently comments: Cars! Light! (yes, cars have lights) and Mommy! No see!

Tonight we timed things perfectly and got home just as the fireflies were performing their finale for the evening. I find there are many things I have a hard time explaining to my kiddos, but trying to get them to see a firefly at just the right second was tricky. They weren't getting it. They were smiling and nodding at my excitement. They were pointing at the moon. And then, almost simultaneously, they all saw what I meant. "Wow!" "Look at that!" "Mira!" "The light, mommy. The bug light!" Even Itty was pointing and screeching. What a fun end to an already good evening, and a reminder that even little teeny tiny things can get a big "Wow!"

Monday, September 20, 2010

The New Night Owl

I just found a pair of Owl's socks in the washer. Why is this so significant? Because nearly three months ago, she was a tornado. A dumping, kicking, spitting, tearing, hurting, screaming storm of a child spinning wildly around out there on her own. Initially, nothing I did could convince her that she had someone on her team here. Fast forward two months, though, and we have a kid who follows every routine introduced and appears to love it. Shoes in box. Socks in washer. Backpack by table. "All Done!" All that with no direction or reminders from me.

I am not sure I have seen this type of progression in any of my kids. Absolutely, it is wonderful for me to not have to hover. To not worry that her alone in the room will cause a cat to come out limping. To not wonder if we can go out in public without having to quickly leave. To have little concern that Little Guy is getting the brunt of the storm. To sleep through the night. Yes, it's lovely.

But more lovely is the child who has emerged. The one who smiles and tells everyone "hello". Who pets, feeds, and plays with cats. Who takes turns with Little Guy and makes him laugh. Who entertains us all with her dancing and singing to ballads on her favorite CD. Who walks around singing "Allelujah," "Happy Birthday!" and "I love you, so-and-so". Who sleeps through the night.

I loved you even when you were a storm, little Owl, but what fun it is to see you now!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


When no one in the house appears to understand what "It's your birthday!" means, it's easy to make it a special day. It was such a contrast to the last birthday in the house--Ladybug--who, with the help of Beignet knew exactly what to expect, what to sing, and that it would be a big day.

On par with the rest of our low key life, turning three was low key, but fun and special all the same. Zoo trip, cupcakes and chickfila. Trike, tub toys, and puzzles. Sister, sister, mama. Auntie, Auntie, and Auntie.

Cute boy. Sweet boy. Birthday Boy!

All I Ever Really Needed To Know...

...I learned from an eighteen month old:

--Carry house keys when taking out the trash.
--Forget about chokable and breakable. Think lickable and drool-tolerant.
--Toddler teeth are sharp.
--Worry not about bathroom germs. Every surface of the bathroom will be touched and mouthed in the time it takes to use the restroom.
--Favorite word = NO = not endearing.