Friday, May 28, 2010

Curly's Top Ten

10. If he learned anything while here, it was that "jeans can match with anything."
9. Was truly disturbed by vague phrases such as "the other day" and "most of the time". "Why did you say 'the other day' when we did that on Wednesday?"
8. Was not a very humble child. A compliment like: You did great on that. or I like your picture. would get "yeah" as a response.
7. One night at dinner, when Monkey had just moved in, observed that "there's no husband in this house." and then "You better get out there and find yourself one, Tammy."
6. Curly + Sequence for Kids + desert island would probably = eternal happiness
5. Could not multitask to save his life. I am pretty sure he heard: "Curly, you cannot brush your teeth and sing at the same time" at least once a day.
4. Got busted once for cussing at school. When I asked him which F word he used, he innocently replied: I don't really remember. It was the one that goes with Mother.
3. Dressed himself by putting socks on first. But then was quite content to only have socks on (and I mean ONLY socks) for a good long while before putting on the rest of his clothes.
2. Instantly became the best big brother to our new little friend. No one else has gotten a chuckle out of little guy yet.
1. Had me laughing on a daily basis, but not intentionally because he was sooo serious.

Wishing you a smooth ride from here on out, Curly. I miss you!

Sister's Top Ten

I thought I had a couple more weeks with the blondies, but today brought an express exit. Six-and-a-half months of things to enjoy about a used-to-be-quiet three-year-old:

10. Had the best sour face when eating something she didn't care for. One eye opened, one closed and a whole lot of squinting and pursing of lips.
9. Said 'um' backward: "muh".
8. Most uttered phrase? "Me too!"
7. Was obsessed with hair....Sister wanted LONG hair, ponytails, bows, mohawks in the shower, "unicorn horns" in the bath, and as many hair toys as her fine blond hair could handle.
6. Became my Friday morning breakfast date before speech. Same restaurant, same booth, same waitress, same food.
5. Was the best ever crosswalk kid. She'd go barreling toward the crosswalk as fast as her little legs could carry her, surely making all cars think that my wild 3 year old was running out into the street, and would hop right in front of the walk. Then her responsible self would kick in and she'd walk carefully across, while saying "Day Doo" (thank you) to the crossing guard.
4. Pretending to put hairspray on was a regular activity. Which is more a puzzle than anything else. I don't use hairspray, neither does birthmom. Where would one acquire such a skill?
3. Loved hunting snails in the backyard and sorting them by Mommy and Baby.
2. Her first final consonant was /m/ in the word "worm." Sister got a LOT of practice saying "worm" during the attack of the maggots in the carport.
1. Decided in the past month that she was a Big Girl and "not a baby", but stayed my baby at bedtime and while dropping the boys off at their daycares, when she remembered how great it is to have your feet never touch the ground.

Sweet, sweet Sister. I will miss you!

Playing Church

I was so happy the other day when Curly and Sister decided to play "church". It reminded me of Bug and Beignet, and well, it was pretend Church, which is way better in my eyes than pretend fighting and battling and killing (some of Curly's favorites). Sister walked around the living room with a book held high while she sang. Then Curly sang. Although I am not quite sure he believes in separation of Church and State:

"We pray that our minds open up to the love of God to live in states of power, indivisible".

Then he opened Sister's book and began: Ok, can you please stand for the first reading? It's called "The Lizard is a Cop."

Next Sister walked around pretending to sprinkle water on everyone. Brother made some demands about "ok, now it's time to sit." "Ok, now it's time to stand." "Ok, now you can get on your knees." and then Church was over for the day.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Curly's Chatter

Because the mouth is non-stop, lots of fun comes out of it:

1. After he thought I told him not to get his backpack out of the car when I was really talking to the little guy: Tammy, you can't call ALL the boys in the house "buddy". If CC and Stubby AND him are Buddy, then I don't know if you are really talking to me. I might not listen.

2. After 6 1/2 months: Do you mind if I call you mom? Just for a little while? (and he did, three times, and then stopped again).

3. In the middle of brushing everyone's teeth: Hey, would it be ok if we stopped what we were doing really quick and did the hokey pokey? (sure....)

4. At dinner: When I grow up, I'm gonna be 37 just like you. Won't that be cool? (yeah, except then I'll be 69...)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Denial

...goes a long way.

My brain is ignoring the calendar on the wall. The one that, if all goes according to plan, has four more weeks till my kiddos leave.

The thing is that we are having so much fun lately. Everyone has loosened up. Curly is laughing and not planning every minute of the day. Sister has declared herself a "big girl" and is trying all sorts of new tricks. Both LOVE "the baby," even though I am pretty sure the 2 year old "baby" would argue that term if he had the words.

Curly, not knowing this move is as soon as it is, is so excited to plan summer camp (he'll get to go for 2 weeks), a trip to Sea World with our new friend (but we have no weekends left together), and craft nights being introduced at story hour (we'll get to make a couple). It's taken six months of hard work to get the balance that is feeling safe and happy in a foster home even though you really still want to live with your mom and dad. A balance that will be jostled in the next few weeks until the bunk beds are empty again.

Until then, we are planning on enjoying every bit of the sprinkler in the yard, the Easter candy that remains, the "list making" of games that we play at dinner time to share with Mom and Dad, and forgetting that we will soon have packing to do.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Little Sardine Car

is filled again. A new little guy came on Saturday and life is hustling and bustling all over again.

I love three though. I really think it's a magical number. What's not to love about:
3 carseats in a civic
3 showers/baths back to back
3 teeny pairs of shoes lined up with three cartoon character backpacks by the back door
3 story books (plus mine) at bedtime
3 mouths laughing at each other in the back seat of the car
3 kids' eyeballs looking for each other as we pick up each one from the next daycare (ok, so the 3 daycare thing is not something to love, but hoping that will change soon)
3 cuties at the dinner table to play "word games" with...though admittedly, it's still a bit tough for sister and our new friend doesn't speak much either, but at least Curly and I can pretend they get their own turns

I love what a new kiddo has brought out in Curly and Sister. It happened with the Little Monkey too. Different concerns, different play, different personalities. It's always an adventure at first to figure out foods and habits and fears. Add Curly's constant questions to the mix and the world is never silent. But for now, it's good, and we're hoping that's the way it stays.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Career Choices

We went to Sea World last weekend. Both kids had a great, great time and now have their future professions picked.

Curly plans on being a "Shamu trainer." "But if I can't be that, then I'll train the sharks." Why could he possibly NOT be a Shamu trainer? Because the trainers wear these whale tail necklaces carved out of wood and Curly is "not sure I know how to shape wood like that."

Sister has a profession too. Figuring it out was like playing charades with a three-year-old. Hands over head, look down--way down, jump! Hands pointed down. Swimming hands. Clapping hands.

"A high diver?" I asked. "muh, yeah! Da woh!" (um, yeah, that one!)