Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Got Elbows?

CPS inspection was last night. This is the one they do every three-ish years where they look in every nook and cranny of your house and interview you about every aspect of your parenting style, routine and fostering agency's policies.

CPS inspector: Do you have any guns?
Me: No.
Him: Any projectiles?
Me: No.
Him: Any weapons?
Me: No.
Him: Any missiles? (Missiles? Seriously, Mister, in my back pocket????)
Me: No.
Big Sister: I don't got missiles either. I got ELBOWS!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On the Bright Side

Big Sister's appreciation of all that is good is, well, GOOD. She is a glass-half-full kinda girl through and through. Recent comments have included:

"I glad the sun out today."
"Oh, look! The sun AND the moon! Both of them saying Hi to us. I sooooo happy!"
"Thank you buying me more medicine."
"Thank you patting my back."
"I happy you carry me."

Add to this her new always-getting-longer "I love you" rituals. These almost always take place while I am in one room and she is in another (typically the bathroom during potty time). :
"I love you."
I love you too.
"I love you more!"
I love you more too.
"I love you back!"

Sweet, sweet, sweet girl. I love you back, too!

Springing into Spring Break

We had a lovely spring break. It's always nice to condense my work schedule and play hooky from daycare for a couple of days. Highs of this year's spring break were:

1. Mayfield park with some friends. Little was very enamored with the peacocks while Big loved climbing on the rock walls.
2. Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. It was much chillier than we expected but that seemed to make the animals more active. We also visited Grampa in Temple on the way home.
3. Austin Nature Center with our friends on a cloudy day. Two grown ups and six kids spent at least an hour digging for fossils in the "Dino Pit."
4. Intro to Amy's Ice Cream 101 with some extra time spent climbing on the blue and purple cows.
5. St. Patty's Day dinner with friends. Corned beef and cabbage. Both girls loved the former but not the latter. No surprises there.
6. A very lazy Saturday wandering around the Natural Gardener. Big Sister was very excited at the idea of bagging her own compost. When we got there though, she just wanted to watch, so Little and I bagged some compost. AKA, manure. Yes, I let a 17 month old play in manure.

Happy Spring!

Tech Savvy

Little Sister has become quite the know-it-all with her technology. I've caught her loading the printer with paper, using the mouse, and dialing the phone. Once, while she was sitting on the couch listening to music, she held a cell phone up and swayed it back and forth with the beat. I am not exactly sure where she learned that. I am very sure, though, where she learned to pose her baby, step back, say "Cheese", and make a clicking noise while pretending to take a picture with her toy phone. Unlike Little Sister, the baby doll did not spy the phone/camera, yell NO!, and quickly turn away.