Sunday, April 11, 2010

A weekend of (very) random quotes

While drawing/writing a letter to Curly's "best friend" with whom we ate lunch today: I just made that W into a pair of boobs! Wow!

After making me a birthday card: If I am still here in July, I'll go ahead and give this to you a month early. But for now, you have to wait.

While getting a splinter picked out of his palm: I AM GOING TO DIE FOREVER!!!!!!

On dinosaurs: What if a T-Rex and a triceratops lived in our house? Would there be room?

On carnivores: What if a human ate another human? Would that be killing them? (unless you ate them raw...)

At least 50 times a day, while trying out the new "appropriate" cuss word: RATS!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Something Special

A few days ago from Curly:

I heard on the radio that the bluebonnets are blooming. Are they?

The next day, while pulling out of our driveway which has quite the view of bluebonnets:
Tammy! The bluebonnets are blooming!!
--You're right!
What does that mean, anyway?

It means this:

Last night, the kids' caseworker was over. Curly is notorious for constantly interrupting when all of our social worker types are over. This time though, the interruption was authentic and came with the cutest look of wonder I have ever seen out of this kid:

"Tammy! I have to show you something!! It's something special!!!"

Special indeed:
"All of our seeds are growing! Every single one! No one was left behind!!"

As it should be.