Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Case You Were Unsure

Today is Little Sister's birthday.  The girls all wore tutu skirts to our celebratory breakfast out.  They got LOTS of stares.  And comments.  And questions.  And this:
"I like your skirts."
Big Sis: "Thank you.  Us all got one cuz it's Little Sister's birthday.  But not Tiny.  Him not wear a skirt cause him a boy."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quotes of the Week

My funny, funny three-year-olds:

Regarding the toothfairy, whom apparently neither girl knew existed and whom neither girl is excited about seeing:  "I don't want to grow up!" No? Why? "Because I'll lose all my teeth and grown HAIR on my body!"

Regarding the guy on the corner holding a "Will Work for Food" sign:  "Us don't give him money cuz us not like to share our money, right, mama?"

Regarding the suggestion that we bring said gentleman some breakfast the next morning: "That's ok, mama.  Us just like YOUNG LADIES."

Regarding plans for Little Sister's upcoming birthday: "Why don't we just make her a princess cake since that's what I would like?"

Monday, September 12, 2011

In No Hurry

Someone was taking a mysteriously long time in the bathroom tonight.

"You ok in there, Sister?"
"Yup. I just on the slow train, Mama."

Where on Earth did she learn a phrase like that?  I know exactly where.  And it makes me smile.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Patrick Swayze

I'm going to have to retire my favorite pajama shirt. I was wearing it at breakfast this morning and the following conversation took place between two three-year-olds:

Kid #1: Why do you think that shirt says Dirty Dancing?
Kid #2: They not dirty. They just dancing.
Kid #1: Maybe cuz they're hugging and his arms are on her?
Me, in my mind: How can we change the topic?
Kid #2: Well, GG, there's no DIRT on Mommy's shirt!
#1: Maybe it's HOW they dance.  Maybe they move dirty.
Me, again in my mind: Change. Topic. Now!!!!!
#2: You can't MOVE dirty.  You GET dirty.

The other day I saw a grown man walking around Target in an Elmo shirt.  His entire chest was the face of Elmo.  I thought to myself: What would make a grown man wear Elmo on his shirt?

Now I have my answer.

Friday, September 2, 2011

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways:

Tiny Man: holds his hand as though carrying a tray of food when I carry him.  He has also learned to say No. Which I am not sure I love. But which I am sure gives him a step up in the "sticking up for yourself around three lovely ladies" department. He also blows the best kisses.  Dozens at a time.

Little Sister: calls Tiny Man "Buddy" when she's helping him out or wanting him to do something. "Here, Buddy." So sweet. Has learned to buckle the top buckle on her car seat.  And put her shoes on.  And turn off the lights. And best of all, move wet clothes from the washer into the dryer.  Best little helper in the house.

Big Sister: has created a "nest" on the couch where she likes to "just hang out." She has deep admiration for hula girls, based on a photo I showed her of a hula monkey clock that hangs in my office at work.  If the name weren't already taken by a previous kiddo, we'd have to call her Princess since everything she does comes with the declaration: Because that's what princesses do.

Glamour Girl: Uses "It's a Mystery!" appropriately (by "appropriately" I mean, like I do).  Somehow (my big mouth maybe) she found out about the Austin Cow Parade and is determined to see every cow in the parade. Thankfully, she doesn't know how many there are, so I think she may settle for the 15 we found last Sunday while trekking around in the double stroller.  My favorite was painted like a football.  Not my fave because of that.  My fave because GG calls it "the meatball cow." Meatball, football, who cares?