Monday, April 27, 2009

Remember When?

Little Ladybug must think she has been here forever. Her favorite thing to say is "'Member?"
'Member Church?'
Yes, we went to church.
'Member li-berry?'
Yes, we read books.
'Member park?
Yep, you got to swing, didn't you?
'Member CC wear a shirt?

Is she trying to see if I am listening?

Bit Checks In

Another call from Little Bit last night. They come about once a month and always begin with an enthusiastic: Hi Tammy!

Bit has turned five since we last spoke.

"How does it feel to be five?" I asked.
"You wouldn't believe it Tammy. It feels AWESOME! But the only thing is, I keep getting older, but I am still a tiny girl. And I can't remember when I was a baby anymore."

Towel Attire

Baby B has quite the bathtime ritual. It ends, without fail, with her getting out of the tub and creating a new outfit from her towel. Sometimes I hear, "Tammy, come see my new skirt." Other times, it's "I am a baby. Look at my diaper."

Last night, I was in the kitchen when B came out to model her new outfit.

"I went to Walmart and bought this dress for twenty dollars. What do you think?"
"Oh, it's lovely. You got quite a bargain."

She walked away. I turned my back to wash some dishes and she yelled: Tammy, you won't believe it! I went to Walmart and they said the dress was more than $20 so they took it back and NOW look what they left me!

I turned to see nothing but a naked kid standing, grinning ear to ear, in the middle of the hallway. She must've found some money overnight though, because tonight she bought some "diapers" from her pretend store after bath.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinnertime Prayer

"God is pretty. He is in the air. He take care of us in our heart. Thank you, God, a man." (a man=amen?)--Baby B.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist

Speaking of the little ladybug, we had our second trip to the dentist today. The first one was horrible for a variety of reasons, so today we went to a new dentist. The ladybug was very scared. She does not like anything to do with doctors, masks, seemingly sterile environments, funny looking chairs and tools. She TRIED to be brave. At most, I got her to open her mouth for the dentist by practicing many, many times over the past week. "The dentist will say: AHHHH! Then he will say: Oooh, look at those shiny teeth. Then he will say GOOD JOB." He didn't quite say all of those things, but was very good with the bug. Tonight at dinner, the babysitter came over. Ladybug, who doesn't seem to shut up at home, told the sitter: Dentist. Ahhhh! Hiney Tooth! Good job. Give me toothbrush." Perhaps she is proud that she survived the dentist without screaming this time. I for one am glad that we don't have to go back for six months. Yee haw.

Bad Hair Day

I will admit to being proud of my newly acquired hair skills. Most days, the girls look great. I can braid, bead and bauble as much as the girls want. We have more hair toys and hair products in our house than I have probably had in my lifetime. Even Baby Beignet tells me I have done a good job on her hair and that our new friend "looks so cute when you do her hair."

Until yesterday. I spent an hour putting nine braids in my little friend's hair as she patiently sat on the floor. Apparently, I braided a bit too tight because the braids are inflexible and stick almost straight out of her head. So she looks like a cross between an alien, Medusa, and a ladybug. Given the amount of time I asked her to sit still, she'll have to look like a ladybug till the next hair washing comes around. So I am still learning to do hair, it seems...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Miss No Settles In

Hoping that she won't always live up to that name, we won't keep it for long. But for now, it's the only thing that fits. Beignet will say that LMN's favorite things to say are "no" and "I no want night night." It's the truth. We hear 'no' at various volumes throughout the day. It can come with a smile, a tear, a scream, or a shriek. Baby B and I just look at each other and sigh....our ears are tired. The new Little Miss is perfecting her tantrum. Thursday, she excelled at removing all barrettes from her braids (and throwing them in various corners of the room), taking off her shoes and socks, and was working on removing her undies when she finally settled down.

There are upsides to having Little Miss No around though. When she isn't saying no or throwing a fit, she is a funny, funny duck. LMN doesn't stop. She is running, tripping, crawling, climbing, laughing, attacking, following us at all times. She adores Beignet (and the feeling is often, though not always, reciprocated). She loves shoes that light, shirts with monkeys, cats with shirts, and backpacks. She stops dead in her tracks for firetrucks and school buses. Beignet and I decided just the other day as Miss No had her shirt stuck on her head and ran around the living room saying: Where me? Where me? that we are glad she is here and we'll let her stay as long as she needs. Regardless of how much our ears hurt.

It's Fantastic to be Five

5. Special, self-designed menu of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, vanilla cake and vanilla ice cream served to a few friends.
4. "Birthday Girl" T-shirt that screamed: Acknowledge me please!
3. "I don't know why people like to give me so much presents."
2. A sisterless trip to SeaWorld tomorrow.
1. "I'm not four anymore, but I not a old lady already."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who's In Charge Here?

Two girls and I went to mass this morning. We have been going to two different churches for different events. Baby Beignet calls one the "donut church" and the other one "the church where the other black kids are." Today, it was Donut Church day.

Beignet sat in her seat waiting patiently for mass to start. For a while. Then she got up and looked to the back of the church.

Big Sigh.

"Tammy, when is God going to come in?"
"um, God is always here, He doesn't just 'come in.'"
"Well then, when is Jesus going to start?"
"You mean Father Ed?"
"Yeah, I guess."

Friday, April 3, 2009

#12 Settles In

#12 arrived on Monday. At 2 1/2, most of her words are: "No. I don't want that. No."
She can say a few other things though:
1. "No, Mommy, No!!" (I am a combination of "Mommy," "Hey," and "Tammy.")
2. I want Nana. (her name for Baby B).
3. CC wear a shirt!
4. I see Kitty Cat.
5. School bus!!!!

#12 is a bit confused at our lifestyle. We are people on the go. Last night, we packed up to go to pajama story time. Two of us (the shorter two) were wearing our pj's when I said: Get in the car.

"No, Mommy, No! Need shorts! Need shorts! NEED SHORTS!!" She sat in storytime, not saying a word, but staring at all the kids in their pj's, none wearing shorts.

She'll figure out our comings and goings (and my name) soon enough.

The Bright Side

"Tammy? I think I'm a lucky kid." said Baby Beignet while riding her bike.
Oh yeah, why's that?
"Because I have a foster sister and a foster mom and two foster cat brothers and other kids don't have all that." And off she rode.