Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's all be this crazy

"Tammy, I am going to tell you something that is so crazy, you won't even believe it. It will be the CRAZIEST thing you have ever heard. But it's really really true. Are you ready?"

Yup, go for it.

"I love school soooo much that I wish I never had a day off. I even want to go on Saturday, Sunday and holidays!!"

Awesome, see what your teacher thinks about that tomorrow.

"Oooh, good idea!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monkey's Top Ten

10. Favorite phrase consistently through her stay: Uppie Mommy.
9. Put. A. Period. After. Every. Word. For. Example.: I. Brush. My. Teeth. Now. Mommy?
8. Had an obsession with toothbrushing. Snoopy toothbrush and bear toothpaste were out of reach for a reason.
7. Entertained Curly at dinner by making different animal noises on demand. Curly: What does a monkey say? ooh ooh ooh. What does a cow say? mooooooo. And on it went.
6. Brought out the envy in Stubby's personality. If Monkey was on my lap, most often, so was Stubby. Whether there was room or not.
5. Best seat in the house for storytime: my lap. Oddly though, she faced in rather than facing the book. Just laid there and listened.
4. Enjoyed taking her pj's off after bedtime and then yelling for me to come help her put them on again. What kind of game is this, my friend?
3. NOT a fan of veggies. Any kind, any shape, any flavor.
2. Loved the birds on the telephone wires on the way to daycare. "Look. Mommy. Birdies. Up. There.
1. Almost always gave me three sweet little pats on the back when I picked her up.

Your stay was far too short, Little Monkey. I will miss you!

Saying Goodbye

I had forgotten that Curly and Sister were here when Beignet left, so they had taken part in her good bye party. When I told them Monkey would be leaving, the first thing Curly said was "When will her party be?"

um...right now, of course.

So we did it, right then, just the four of us. In two year old style with what we had around the house. Thankfully, there were some leftover cookies. Monkey sat in her chair while we said "Cheers" and "clinked" our cookies together, and sang her the now traditional "We love you so and so" good bye song.

I am not sure I would have taken three kids for the first time if they were all unknown. But Monkey was a known to us. Despite her short stay, it was worth the effort to see what she brought out in our very quiet sister, to hear the giggling girls down the hall, to see Curly be a good big brother even to a stranger, and to have a loving leech on me all the time.

When we say "cheers" at our house, it is to celebrate something good. What were we celebrating last night? "That Monkey even had to come to our house." said the curly one. Amen to that.

Translation Please

From the bathroom the other day:
Frog legs on the ottoman.

What? Oh, Frolicked in the autumn mist. Got it.

I will make up my own song about Puff the Magic Dragon, Ok, Tammy?

"Puff the magic dragon, you make my heart feel so awesome."

For some reason, whatever it may be, we LOVE Puff in our house right now. Wonder when he will cease his fearless roar.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Howler Monkey

I thought Sister was bad about being held all the time. "All the time" for her was walking Curly into school and after I picked her up from her daycare. New two year old has given new meaning to being carried all the time. All. The. Time. This is what I feel like with the little monkey on me almost every waking minute unless I am cooking.

When she is not on me, or at my feet saying "Uppie! Uppie, Mommy!" she is often howling to make me pick her up. She has created the perfect nickname for her cute little self.

Welcome Little Monkey! I am glad you are here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speech Therapy

by the big brother, not by the foster mother. Curly's choice words to "practice talking" with Sister while I was cooking dinner tonight:

Say Lady.
Say Man.
Wow! She said it.
Say Uno.
She can count in spanish!!!
Say Penis.
"Mee nuh!"