Tuesday, November 13, 2012

(Other) Boy Genius

Buddy likes his fruit. I'm not one to turn someone down on fruit, but you have to eat SOMETHING other than fruit from time to time.

Conversation at dinner tonight between me and my used-to-only-have-three-words little boy:
"You want more orange?"
"You need to eat some of your other food first, please."
"You can't just have oranges. You need to eat some of that first."
And what did the little turkey do?
1. Load up spoon.
2. Pretend to eat, complete with lip smacking sounds.
3. "Nom, nom!"
4. Put spoon (still filled with food) down.
5. "Tah-Dah!! All done!"
6. "Orange?"

Um, no. Nice try, Buddy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Boy Genius

"Hey Tammy, you wanna see me do something funny?" (while taking his shirt off)
"Um, sure? But is it appropriate? Because you don't usually take your clothing off like that."
"I don't know. We have to wait and see. You will either say "D, that's not appropriate." or you'll laugh."

In the end, I laughed. He had pulled both arms into his shirt and was walking around saying "Look! I'm an armless man!"

Appropriate? The jury's out.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

Despite my best efforts as a speech therapist, D cannot get it right. But he's very excited that the winner of yesterday's election is...

Rocky Mama.

Congratulations, Rocky Mama. I'll keep working on him to get it right.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can We Have a Thesaurus Please?

It was pretty toasty out yesterday for being November. I think the high was 85 or so. Five kids and I were playing out front in the sun. Little D was chalking on the driveway.

"Jeeeeeeeee-sus!" he says, as he wiped sweat off his forehead.

"What?!" I say.

"It's hot out here."

"Yes, it is, but I better not ever hear that word come out of your mouth like that again!"

"Oh. Ok."

Long pause.

"Not even if it's hot out?"

Not even if it's hot out, dude....