Saturday, April 30, 2011

Role Reversal

Last night after bath went something like this:
Me: Ladies! I am getting crabby. Please get your pj's on!
3 year old #1: You getting crabby, Mom? Why you getting crabby?
3 year old #2: Are you tired? Do you need a hug?
#1: What you need I make you feel better?
Me: For you to get your jammies on?
#1: Nooooo, you need a hug. I give you one. (and she did)
#2: Me too. And a kiss. (and I got both)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FAQ #4

I thought the definition of "spectacle" was our little United Nations of last year. The current crew gives new definition to the word. One baby strapped to my body, another in my arms and two holding onto my leg/backpack/jacket/whatever. Spectacle.

So this week's number one question has been: What do you need?

What? Do I look like I need something when I have four children hanging on me? Really? Truly, I appreciate my community and the village near and far that supports me each day. I could never, and would never even think to do this by myself. Honestly, I think we're doing great so far, but since you asked:

  • Please don't compare me to the Octomom, Kate plus 8, or that family that has 20 some odd kids.
  • If I have a snail trail of snot across my chest, or spit up down my back, feel free to tell me.
  • Ditto for toilet paper, wet wipes, and tissues on my shoe.
  • Feel free to hold someone. They can never be held too much.
  • Come for dinner. But don't be shocked if it's frozen pizza or PB and J.
  • Judge me not by how long the grass is, how dirty the floor is, or how big the laundry pile is.
  • If some major world event occurs, give me a heads up. I haven't read a paper in a week.
  • Forgive us if we are late.
  • Grab a hand when we are all crossing the street.
  • Know that if I don't return a call or email promptly, I am still thinking of you and will get back to you soon.
  • Believe in them.
  • Believe in me.
  • Believe in us.
  • Know that these kids, individually and collectively, are bringing me much, much joy.
We're all alright.


Meet Fred. Yes, you can see because of his bright red color that Fred is really dead. How to entertain children at a crawfish boil? Give them a dead one to play with. Fred now has a house made from sticks in the back of our friends' yard. He has taken a field trip to a "little tree house" and has been thrust in the face of many guests at the party. Fred has it better than his relatives because they had their guts sucked out and were then made into finger puppets to entertain the kids. I am glad Fred was such a willing participant in our evening's festivities. Not that he had much of a choice.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have no idea what would make me say yes to this phone call in the middle of HEB. But here I am a week later, working under way less sleep than usual, enjoying every bit of what the past week has brought. Enter some more broken rules: we're now a family of FIVE and one of us is under a year old. It's been a good week though. Things have gone way more smoothly than I imagined they would. I am thankful as always for the oldies willingly accepting the newbies (though one "oldie" is a bit peeved that her time being held has been trimmed a bit). I love getting new kids in and figuring them out. And holey moley, I never thought I'd say it, but I LOVE this tiny baby to pieces already.

Four kids, three and under. Not something I ever, ever expected. But also not something I regret. Big Sister, Little Sister, yet to be named 3 year old sister, and the little tiny guy...looking forward to adventures with you. But can you get into your carseats a bit faster, please?