Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

came and went in a flash. I love, love, love doing Christmas with kids--from the counting down the days to the nightly walk around the neighborhood to see lights. Here are our highlights for December (in no particular order):

1. Alvin the Elf: Alvin learned that he had to stay up high after D touched him, nearly ruining his magical powers, on the first day. I am not sure Alvin curbed anyone's behaviors, but he was a fun start to our day.

2. Trail of Lights: The most crowded trail. The most patient children. The most beautiful lights.

3. Happy Birthday Jesus: Nothing sweeter than two 2 year olds singing 'Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!' with cakes made out of blocks. Peanut was so excited to have a real cake, real candles and a whole lot of people singing on Christmas night.

4. Wheels. It took D a while to spot his but,  "oh. my. gosh. Tammy!", eventually he did. Why can't it be warmer than the 40s so we can all enjoy this toy? Instead, he is enjoying it while I am standing shivering on the sidewalk.

5. A couple of suprise visitors: Just stopping by to drop off treats. I love surprise visitors.

6. Planned visitors: My mom and dad stayed for a few days and were a fun addition to our busy Christmas. My mom made hobby horses for these three and the Sisters. We're going to have a rodeo soon.


7. Down time to enjoy these guys. We've had a lot more time to play, a lot less hurryhurryhurrying to do, and D and I even had a date today to see Monsters, Inc at the movie theater.

Merry, Merry, Merry!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Super Kitty

C.C. rode off into the sunset last week. Whether he found a sweeter deal with another family or used up all of his nine lives, I don't know. But he has left an emptiness in our house for sure. Anyone leaving deserves a list of ten, of course. Why would this guy be any different? C.C.:

10. Was named by my Little Sister. His real name was Cutie Cat. She, as a 10 year old, wanted to name him Princess or Snowball. Cutie Cat was her third choice.
9. Liked to be cradled like a baby. Peanut really got a kick out of this recently as he would come to us right before dinner every night for his nightly song of Rock a Bye Baby.
8. Let some of the top bunkers--the Older Gentleman and Sassafras, in particular--share the top bunk with him.
7. But would have nothing to do with the Third Brother or even Little D up on the top bunk.
6. Had to wear a Tshirt for a very large portion of his life. My favorite was the one that said: Party in My Crib 2 a.m.
5 1/2. As a kitten, got his head stuck in the bike spokes in my apartment. Never have I heard a meow quite like that.
5. Drank out of a glass or the faucet.
4. Was one of those cats that loved laying on paper. So I could never read the newspaper or a book when he was around.
3. Loved deli meat. This started when he lived with my friend for a few weeks several years ago. She reportedly fed him turkey meat when she made lunch every day. He was disinterested in breaking that daily habit even six years later.
2. Had a fang pulled a few years back so sorta looked like Elvis if his mouth was in just the right way.
1. Somehow managed to stretch his entire body across the queen sized bed and fill it. If a cat can have a big heart or a big soul, CC's was as big as his body.

Peanut keeps walking around the house saying "CC lost. CC lost." D has already stopped hollering "Bye CC, Bye Stubby" in the morning. Now it's just "Bye Stubby." Stubby and I feel the loss the most, I suppose..having loved our family member for almost 13 years.

Everyone should have a pet as awesome as you, C.C. Thanks for putting up with all of these crazy kids with me!

C. C. 
March 2000-December 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

So Proud

Peanut, from the backseat of the car, as I slammed on the brakes to avoid a near collision:


Just what I was thinking.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

Warm feet

Most fought over toy this week

and Alvin the Elf sleeping on the job

Something Else

Buddy, at times, can be...well...something else. His tantrum timing is off. His funny faces and dances are during the most inappropriate moments. He takes us by surprise on a regular basis.  You just never know what you're going to get with our little dude.

Absolutely, there are moments where his antics have me pulling out my hair. But other times, I can laugh and just say: Buddy, you are something else!

To which D replied tonight:
"Yeah, like a cheetah-tiger, or an elf, or a sandwich, or something else like that, right Tammy?"

"EXACTLY what I was thinking."