Friday, December 23, 2016

More Wisdom from Sunshine

Admittedly, Sunshine is a bit of a know-it-all and it gets tiresome for the other two kids sometimes, but it's sorta funny to listen to....

"Let's talk about who is MAGICAL!...There's Santa and the Toothfairy.....Anyone else?"

Chickadee: Elsa has magic.

"No, Elsa is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. We are NOT talking about FICTION right now."

Me: How about the Easter Bunny?

"Oh yeah, he's MAGICAL but not a real person so he doesn't count."

**She also demonstrated tonight how she will stand in front of her window on Christmas morning until the sun comes up because I've told her she cannot come wake me till then. And has her books lined up to read to her stuffed animals to pass the time. The girl is always thinking...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Elf on the Shelf

Sunshine: Can we have an elf on the shelf come to our house?
Me: No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Sunshine: Why?
Me: Because some of us are afraid of the toothfairy and Santa coming once a year and the Elf stays for a whole month. I had one once. He played with the kids' toys up there (above kitchen cabinets) and then was hanging from that light one night. He just wasn't well behaved.
Speed: And I'd probably wake up with him sleeping in my bed.
Me: And that is EXACTLY the worry we are going to avoid. Ask me again next year, Sunshine.


Chickadee, at a restaurant the other night, while stuffing a hot dog in her face but leaving the bun and yummy fries behind:

"I only come here for the meat."

Monday, December 12, 2016

We're Back

In a nutshell, we went back on "the list" last Monday for a single child who, due to daycare constraints, had to be eligible for pre-k. That same day, we were being considered for a little boy who fit the age (and behavioral) guidelines for our house, but we had to wait till whatever happened for them to figure out if he needed us.

Fast-forward to agency called and left a message. I assumed it was regarding the boy, but I was wrong. "Junebug is back in fostercare. Will you take her?"

Of course.

So, here we are. I'm a bit devastated that Junebug needs a place to stay again, but grateful that we happened to be relicensed (for 2 solid days beforehand) and free (because whatever hadn't yet happened for the boy).

Junebug arrived on Friday. She is one month short of two years older than she was when she last set foot in this house. She talks. In full sentences. She is almost as tall as Chickadee. Potty trained. At night, even. It was like a time warp happened.

She has adjusted ok so far. I don't think she remembers being here but I hope somewhere in her brain or heart that she does. Chickadee is a bit jealous, Sunshine needs a bit more space (hard to come by in this house), Speed has a bit more energy, and I need a bit more time to get stuff done.

One of the things I was hoping for was to have a foster child yet continue to have our easy one-stop-shop to work/school. We were lucky enough to get that. Junebug started at the campus daycare today. All four kids and me parked in spot #48 at work and walked across the parking lot to where we would separately spend our day. On the off chance that five of us can speed up our morning routine, we will go back to walking and riding our way to school each day.