Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Boy Boxers

A certain girl requested "boy underwear" for Christmas. She received 6 glorious pairs of slightly too big boxer briefs. Said child has spent the last 9 days in only her underwear when we have been home.

Two entertaining conversations re: these undies:
Two days after she had been wandering around in her underwear, she declared: Oooh look! These have a POCKET!

After sticking her hand in her "pocket" and realizing it was not at all a pocket, she said: oh, wait. I was wrong.


Last night, she was tucked into bed wearing only her undies when we have not reached a high of 32 in the last two days. It's freezing.

"Aren't you cold sleeping in just your undies?"
"No, I am so happy because boxers are so clean and so FRESH! They keep me warm!"


Monday, November 20, 2017

The Best Anatomy Conversation I've Ever Had

Convo at toothbrushing time:
Kid: What's this in the back
Of my throat?
Me: A uvula.
It looks like a wee-nis.
A what?
A wee-nis.
What is a wee nis?
You know.
The thing boys have.
That's a penis not a wee nis.
No I'm not talking about the penis, I'm talking about that lumpy thing BEHIND a penis.
Um, those are testicles.
That's a dumb name. I think they are called wee-nises and that thing in my throat you see right there? It looks like a weenis.

Some Random Chickadee Comments

Just putting these here so I will have them to reference when Facebook goes out of style:

Re: quesadillas with refried black beans: "Why are you feeding us this fancy schmancy stuff?"
Re: cremation: "So if you die while we are at home, should we just put you on the stove and cook you then?"
Re: cat leg amputations: "So do they cut it off or just pull it off like a chicken bone?"
Re: Christmas: "You mean Jesus was born on Christmas??? That's so cool. Did Santa come to Him too?"

Junebug is FIVE!

Junebug's birthday was yesterday. She popped out of bed and said, "I'm going to tell EVERYONE at church that I am five today and it's my actual birthday."

A second later, she said "But why aren't we doing anything to celebrate my birthday?"

Because, my child, you have had a birth MONTH. One Saturday was a joint birthday party with Speed, the next Saturday was an extra-long visit at extra-fun places with her birth family and us, the NEXT Saturday was a trip to Sea Word, and cupcakes at school were squished in somewhere along the way.

This child has been WELL CELEBRATED.

Yesterday, she ended up with her choice for dinner (nuggets and fries), unwrapped the last two gifts, and had some candles in a piece of  leftover chocolate pie.

Things to remember about our little Lou Who as a four-year-old:

Sunshine will say that Junebug is "the loudest, most talking-est kid in our whole family." Ain't that the truth.

Junebug loves, loves, loves the cats but squeezes them just that bit too hard so she isn't allowed to carry them yet.

She loves gymnastics which she started officially a couple weeks ago but informally via lessons from Chickadee and Sunshine a few months ago. There's sort of a running joke about how opposite Junebug's real name is to Junebug herself.

Junebug writes her name sooooo beautifully. 100% backwards.

Junebug has embraced fruits and veggies more than I ever thought she would. I think she would say that strawberries and red peppers are her faves, but she's doing pretty well on all sorts of healthy foods. That's not to say that she wouldn't prefer junk food, but there's been some real progress lately.

Junebug's favorite color is orange, her favorite cake is chocolate, and her favorite thing outside is the swing. She loves school, her teacher and her classmates something fierce.

Junebug has been counting the days to be the same age as Chickadee, but when I mentioned that today, she said: We are NOT the same age because Chickadee is five AND A HALF.

What a surprise gift this girl has been the last year. I am so grateful that our door was open when she needed it to be and that we will continue to be able to love on this girl.

Happy Birthday, Junebug Lou Who!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Speed Turns EIGHT!

Last night marked a very hectic, very fun, very WET Halloween/Birthday for Speed. He will have his party (a joint party with Junebug) on Saturday so most of the focus was on Halloween. However, we managed to squeeze in lemon muffins for breakfast, cupcakes with classmates at lunch, and a few presents squished in between dinner and trick-or-treating.

Speed is really growing up and it's weird to see. I mean, EVERY parent watches their kids grow up, but I've been in preschool land for a decade now and watching that slip away, one kid at a time, is so different than watching different preschoolers enjoy the same things.

Things to note about Speed as a 7 year old:
1. Speed got his own room this summer. I no longer have a room of my own and that is fine. It has given Speed the opportunity to have some space, some independence, and to organize things EXACTLY the way he wants them without regard to what anyone else thinks or wants. He is still quite detail oriented when it comes to setting things up, so this has been perfect for him.

2. Speed learned to read. Like really read. Like I can't text anymore with him around because he will look over my shoulder.

3. Speed has always been a good big brother. His connection to Junebug though is above and beyond normal big brother stuff. Sure he can pick on her from time to time, but at the end of the day, he will do absolutely anything for her.

4. Speed has taken to writing. He can sit for well over an hour copying the words from a book. We once discussed why he can't write "written by Speed" on the cover of these newly created and copied books. Now he will often write "Copied by Speed".

5. When Speed turned four or maybe when he moved that one time so long ago, I wrote that Speed loved pushing (literal) buttons. He still does. Elevator buttons, dishwasher, garage door, car windows.... If it is a button, it will be pushed.

6. We are approaching that age where toys are less important. This has been interesting to watch as our friends' kids all do tech stuff--ipads, tv, video games--instead of toys but we don't do those things here. So Speed sometimes will just sit and watch people play. Or he'll organize something. Or he will do art. Occasionally, he will join in again just like the good ol' days and orchestrate some elaborate pretend play activity, usually involving car rides, church, babies and school activities.

7. Speed has learned to help a lot in the kitchen this year. He peels carrots till they are about half their size. He likes to wash dishes. He likes to sweep. If I could set him free in the kitchen to make a full meal, he would. The boy still loves his food!

I counted that Speed and I have now shared five of his birthdays together. I remember how fun it was to watch him make his 4 year old cake "by himself" and how different it felt when he turned five because I knew, at that point, that we would be celebrating many, many birthdays together. I am still so grateful for the opportunity to watch Speed grow.

Happy 8th Birthday, Speed! I love you.

Monday, July 31, 2017

What I Played Today

"Getting Married", dictated by Chickadee with some help from Junebug and Sunshine

Chickadee got dressed in her wedding dress today...my old first communion dress circa 1979 and a knitted white afghan as her "train". She then asked me to marry her.

I changed out of my running shorts into yoga pants because they are so much more formal. We told each other "I love you" and then I was directed to give her a "true love's kiss". We danced something like the tango to a slow song she hummed. Junebug threw a brief fit that she was not getting married as well, so Chickadee assigned her the role of the stepsister and said she could marry Speed (who was quite willing).

Chickadee's next words were this: "Do you want to decide whether or not we have a baby now?"

"Um, I think we should wait a little bit. Let's go on our honeymoon."

"Ok, let's go to France."

We then went to "France" and roadtripped to California where we are apparently going to live. Once we were settled, she asked again if it was time for us to "decide we are having a baby." She and Sunshine decided it was and went to the pretend hospital to stuff a baby doll up her shirt and then "have the doctor take it out of (her) uterus."

She actually had two babies. One was named Honeymoon and one was named Palace.

Somehow the story ended with 5 of us in rainboots, 4 of them in winter coats and us all throwing small crafting pom poms at each other in a snow fight that happened after the babies went to bed.

It's a complicated thing to pretend play with a five-year-old.....

Monday, June 5, 2017

From the Backseat of the Car

We are headed west this summer for a bit. The other day:

Junebug: This is taking sooooo long! (regarding a seven mile drive between church and breakfast)

Sunshine: Junebug! This is NOT long! You don't even know what you are talking about. California is REALLY FAR AWAY! You need to practice!!