Friday, June 21, 2013

Fair Question

We're working toward increasing our vocabulary of basic things. In the meantime, some pretty confusing conversations happen.

The other day in the car:

Speed: Make TV loud please?
Me: Um, we don't have a TV in the car. We have a RADIO. Is that what you hear? A RADIO? Our TV is at home but we don't really watch it.
Speed: What we do with it?
Me: Keep it in the cabinet.
Speed: Oh.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Right Back At You

Daily exchange between me and the kids:

"Hey Speed, guess what?"
(turns head)
"You're a great guy."

"Hey Sunshine, guess what?"
(turns and smiles)
"You're a great girl!"

"Hey Chickadee, guess what?"
"You're a great baby!"

I say this every day. Randomly. Frequently. To my three mostly non-talkers.

Today I got this:
"Hey guess what? You a good Mommy Tammy!"

Thanks, Speed. I'm working on it.