Friday, August 27, 2010

The Spectacle We Are

Our little family in public tends to get some stares, which I don't entirely understand because I know I am not the only one on Earth with three kids this small. Nor am I the only one with three children who don't match me or match each other. It's the comments, though, that crack me up:

From the HEB worker in the store, looking at all three children in the cart: Where do you plan on putting any food?

From the guy in the HEB parking lot who was waiting for me to shut the car door so he could get in: Wow! Looks like you have way more to deal with than I do. Take your time.

From the person at the daycare potluck as I was trying to get all three some water and a cookie: So, do you ever get a chance to eat?

From a different daycare mom after she mathematically deduced that two of my children are less than nine months apart: Wait. How'd you manage THAT?

From the homeless man in the McDonald's parking lot: Your kids are beautiful, but it looks like you got it kinda rough!

Rougher than being HOMELESS??? I think not!

There's Something About Super Models

...that makes Little Guy incredibly happy. The Santa-just-arrived-and-left-me-all-I-ever-wanted kind of Happy. I have been hiding the Shape magazines lately, but decided to conduct an experiment. I turned this:

into this:

by using a Sharpie marker. I left the modified mag on the coffee table, thinking my guy would skip on by it. This morning, he ran out to the living room: "I eat Kix! I eat Kix!" and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of the book on the coffee table:
"My book? My pretty book? I look at it?"

It's something about these fit women that grabs his attention. To make matters worse (or weirder), his new teacher was telling me yesterday that Little Guy has a favorite book that he carries around all the time so that no one else will look at it. "What book is it?" I asked. And she showed me this.

I can only imagine where his head and eyes will be when he's a teenager.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Rare Treat

Since her arrival in June, Night Owl has slept through the night only four times. That's four of fifty-six nights. Most nights, we are up-down-potty-patting back-crying-fussing-walking around-bad dreaming-Yo quiero-ing, No quiero-ing, up and down a bit more. We're batting less than 10% for getting decent sleep. Not. Good.

But, last night was a treat. She slept....all night!

A song to celebrate:
All Night Long

Unfortunately, I am too tired to party with Lionel. But a few more nights of 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep may find me with more energy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Name Game

Little Guy is very into naming people these days. Unfortunately, his voice is very tiny and he repeats himself till you acknowledge what he has said.

So a car ride home from daycare typically sounds like this:
"Itty? Itty? Itty?"
--Yes, that's Itty's car seat.
"Owl? Owl? Owl?"
--Yup, that's Owl's spot.
"Little Guy? Little Guy?"
--Yes, there you are.
"Mommy? Mommy?"
--Yes, here's Mommy.
"CC? CC?"
--CC's at home.
"Stubby? Stubby? Stubby?"
--Stubby's at home too.
"All done!"

...and then he starts again....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ode to Privacy

to the tune of "Yesterday"

You're not here as much as you used to be.
I once had zero kids but now have three
Oh, how I long for Privacy.

Six eyes always watching over me.
When I change my clothes and when I pee
Oh, how I long for Privacy.

Two eyes at nighttime often spy on me.
I wake up and they're in front of me
Watching me sleep,
Oh, Privacy.