Monday, July 31, 2017

What I Played Today

"Getting Married", dictated by Chickadee with some help from Junebug and Sunshine

Chickadee got dressed in her wedding dress old first communion dress circa 1979 and a knitted white afghan as her "train". She then asked me to marry her.

I changed out of my running shorts into yoga pants because they are so much more formal. We told each other "I love you" and then I was directed to give her a "true love's kiss". We danced something like the tango to a slow song she hummed. Junebug threw a brief fit that she was not getting married as well, so Chickadee assigned her the role of the stepsister and said she could marry Speed (who was quite willing).

Chickadee's next words were this: "Do you want to decide whether or not we have a baby now?"

"Um, I think we should wait a little bit. Let's go on our honeymoon."

"Ok, let's go to France."

We then went to "France" and roadtripped to California where we are apparently going to live. Once we were settled, she asked again if it was time for us to "decide we are having a baby." She and Sunshine decided it was and went to the pretend hospital to stuff a baby doll up her shirt and then "have the doctor take it out of (her) uterus."

She actually had two babies. One was named Honeymoon and one was named Palace.

Somehow the story ended with 5 of us in rainboots, 4 of them in winter coats and us all throwing small crafting pom poms at each other in a snow fight that happened after the babies went to bed.

It's a complicated thing to pretend play with a five-year-old.....

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Everyman said...

Wow! Such fun you have. This was a lovely post. Congrats on your wedding :-)